The profile of these objects was formed by plotting the location of stars in each constellation into 3-dimensional space. Each point on the profile represents the location of one star in the constellation, the line connecting the points representing the distance between stars in light years. The point closest to the viewer is the star closest to earth, the point furthest, the star furthest into outer space. These particular constellations appeared in the night sky directly above Houston on the evening of the original opening of CTRL+Print.


In For The Invocation of Virgo, Orion, Ursa Major, Leo, and Hercules, a direct link is made between digital space and outer space. The virtual space of the digital is analogous to the void, the universe, the infinite and unknown. Creating form in digital space is akin to ways in which humans have always attempted to map intangible systems, to impose knowns onto great unknowns. This is the newest iteration in the history of our attempts to make the immeasurable measurable, this limit-eschewing tendency which has preoccupied humanity since the beginning of civilization.