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Stacy Jo Scott uses ceramic objects and digital processes as anchors from which to navigate shifting landscapes of queerness, embodiment, and spectrality. These objects emerge from research, digital processes, trance practices, and chance operations. Her work revolves around imaging the ephemeral body and speculating on queer lineages and futurities. The speculative nature of her inquiries is grounded in confounding the relationship between clay’s materiality and the supposed purity of machinic code. Stacy Jo explores how digital media renders embodiment, and how computational tools can be used to convey illegible histories or mythic futures. She employs the more ancient skills of hand-working clay alongside generative software tools, unorthodox 3D printing, and CNC hacks. The idiosyncrasies of clay interrupt the numeric logic of the machine, looping it back into a queered transient world of direct embodied experience. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon.


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