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Lo, A Vase in the Dark

2021, Holding Contemporary, Portland, Oregon, USA

In Lo, A Vase in the Dark, Stacy Jo Scott translates fragments of 3D scans and code-based processes into clay figures, masks, and vessels. Scott parses out digital shards, partial stories, and fragmentary objects and reconstructs them as new bodies, forming new lineages. The collaged works included in the exhibition are formed through the artist's process of imagining a new body woven from the past.

Rescanned and reformed through the use of digital processes with clay, the body enters a space of machinic order and is rendered malleable, changeable, inexact, and hollow. Full of holes, gapes, and wounds, the body is represented as sliced and incomplete. Scott’s sculptures and prints portray human physicality as raw material to bend, twist, and reform into new creatures and reimagined bodies through spectral association. 

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