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Poetics of Landness, Poéticas de las Tierras, Landaktig Poesi is an ongoing collaboration and exchange platform between Stacy Jo Scott (OR, USA), Arely Amaut (Cuscu, Peru) and Sigrid Espelien (Oslo, Norway). The ongoing collaboration explores processes dealing with landness, and experiences of the underground.

Landness is about land in action, in becoming, and is not singular or objective. It contains a multiplicity of beings which are part of this becoming - both seen and unseen, sentient and non-sentient. Together we think through ways that unearthing/gathering clay can be “non-extractive”. What does it mean to gather but not to take? How does one land differ from another? Is it only the minerals contained in it? Why would one land/clay be better than another? What does this have to do with the classification given by social power structures? 

We consider the ways in which earth, soil, and mud are ancestral beings that bring critical venues for exploration that might help us to listen, remember, and embody. Together we consider the potential of land and creative practice to disrupt the very basis of modern representation and ongoing systematic, colonial violence.

Poetics of Landness, Poéticas de las Tierras, Landaktig Poesi

2022, Galleri Rom, Oslo, Norway
2022, Carnation Contemporary, Portland, Oregon, USA

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