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The Sign of the Enterer consists of a series of objects and performances that are based on a text written using an artificial intelligence predictive keyboard program. Stacy Jo Scott built the objects for The Sign of the Enterer by following the object descriptions generated by this algorithmic text. These instructions, which were born from a human–machine collaboration, became filtered and re-translated through the clay, as well as my haptic toolset and idiosyncrasies.

The objects stand as markers of this process and reveal how a poetics of computation can emerge through the imprecision and subjectivity of human–-machine collaborations and clay. Such thinking unsettles the commonly evoked body-machine dichotomy, honoring the multiplicity of human experiences and our entanglements with machinic technologies. Such multiplicity reflects a queerness that rests, sometimes hidden, within contemporary experience. Queerness, which is ever shifting and evades definition, attaches a name to the experiences that occur within the liminal spaces between what have been incorrectly assumed to be clearly defined, immutable categories and identities.

The Sign of the Enterer

Truckenbrod Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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